Conceived as the home of the Dinamo Sport Society, the elegant city building was built in 1930s, and was only transformed into a hotel almost a century later. Showcasing typical features of architectural Constructivism, its uniqueness has made the building to stand out in the heart of Baku. Dinamo was the product of a joint venture of famous Soviet architects Gusman and Senchikhin, who represented all the traits of the movement, such as the imposition of geometric shapes, experimentally and simplicity. Characterized by accuracy and rational use of space, the building was embellished with the renowned sport patterns displayed on the building’s exterior.

The Dinamo Sport Society, the former owner of the building, was set up in 1926 and since then, it has trained athletes honorably representing Azerbaijan at the Olympic games and other sport competitions worldwide.

To maintain the intrinsic value of the building, Alberto Pinto’s design offices to create an environment with an added sense of wonder and inspiration redesigned its interior. Pinto’s approach focused preserving the spirit of the existing building while establishing a refined and elegant space to complement the art of living concept behind it. Inspired by the history of the building, exquisite materials, custom-made furniture and decorative arts sourced from the world of sport, have all played a part in creating the stylish and relaxing atmosphere that can be experienced today. The novelty of the building aims to emphasize the best qualities of the city and the local culture, utilizing elements such as traditional rug patterns on stone mosaic floors to offer guests a warm and inviting home away from home.


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